Care and Feeding of the AK

Care and Feeding of the AK

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The AK-47 and its variants have been around since the beginning of the Cold War, and has been synonymous with everything from Communist regimes, to terrorism, to freedom - depending on one's perspective.  It has such a place of honor in parts of Africa as a symbol of struggles for independence it is actually on the national flag of Mozambique. 

In America the AK family of rifles has been both praised, and more often demonized.  As some 'villains' often are, they are largely misunderstood, and are often an excellent option for home defense, hunting, and general shooting sports. 

Contrary to popular opinion, they most certainly do require maintenance to keep running in good order, and there are many recent advancements in options and upgrades.  This short, down and dirty course is non firing, but covers care, maintenance, and discussion points on the AK for personal use and protection.  Bring your AK to get cleaned up and ready to go if you have one, or feel free to sit in and observe.  Students should bring their own cleaning supplies for comparison, but will use supplied cleaning products and leave with small samples of quality lubricants.

The Four Firearms Handling Rules are emphasized at all times:

1. Always treat a firearm as if it were loaded

2. Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and have made the decision to shoot

4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.


AK variant rifle

Eye protection

Cleaning supplies and gear for comparison


*Concealed carry pistols are welcome in class, but MUST remain holstered unless the unlikely but immediate need for self defense arises*

NOTE: training is open only to non-prohibited persons as defined by the ATF , who are legal U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents ('green card' holders) per ITAR restrictions (22 CFR 120-130).

Members and supporters of domestic or foreign terror organizations are NOT welcome, and will depart immediately if encountered - may we suggest a one way trip to North Korea.